Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wow. So many breakthroughs, so little ability to write them all down. Hmph. White Knight Syndrome. Lifestyle incompatibilities and how they raise their ugly heads (see: pop culture). There is no "chase". Really, my standards have to raise to absurd heights - I was afraid of this. The seeker hoards all he can gather to him like a miser. Why not a gambler? Didn't really cover that one, but I could stand to. Categorical imperative used as a replacement for the stick on the old compulsion mule cart, shades of responsibility and duty to improve oneself. Throw in the raised standards' effect of raising minimal participation requirements for good measure. Dissatisfaction with the mixed roles engendered by the white knight syndrome (in either direction). Redefinition of stated sexual ethics to more fit current thinking. What is your mythos?


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