Thursday, July 12, 2007

Personal journal is gone, folks. Once I realized it was somehow made public in the transfer from old blogger to new blogger. Apparently, it had someone's address in there that I sent a gift to life seven years ago. That and a lot of other rather embarrassing things, bitching about girls that spurned me, nasty letter to my roommate from years ago, things like that. To anyone who actually looked at it, my sincerest apologies. Nothing on there was more recent than four years ago or so except one thing about my ex from two years ago, but it contained things that were not meant for anyone to see, all the petty poisons and bile that I keep to myself. Anyway, sorry to anyone who read it, and in particular sorry to the girl whose address was on there. I had forgotten all about her, but having that sort of personal information posted on a public forum, even if it probably is several years out of date, is both creepy and inappropriate. That journal was really just my scratch pad, sorry.


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