Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Dang...I didn't really mean for this to become a weekly posting sort of thing, and hopefully I shan't, but it's been difficult lately. Between the online comic strips and the endless confusion lately, I haven't been able to write much. Saw a play last week - Corpus Christi. Good play, although it took me a while to remember why it was considered controversial. Not that it wasn't, mind you, but I have become so used to some things I forgot for a moment.
Anyway, I suppose I could always post some links to things. I've been tired, lately, really. Dealing with my life, my finances, and most of all unresolved issues on many fronts has been draining. Lots of things from the distant past are settling into their grooves finally, after years of uneasy rest in the dark recesses of my mind. Old things, that I had thought long since forgotten, from four and five years ago, and they are finally lightening their burdns on my troubled mind. It's like having an ache that you've had for so long you've forgotten it was even an ache finally disappear. It's nice, needless to say, and bodes well for my future, I suppose. It has also revealed an odd, if small, streak of buddhist-like drive for balance in my personality. I had almost forgotten about that one.


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