Tuesday, February 26, 2002

In other news, I am starting to modify my diet. At least in part, the decision to do so comes from budgetary concerns, although another part entirely comes from health reasons. Mind you, I have no intention of adopting some form of vegetarianism, as I don't think I could eat enough variety to live. No, I plan to merely begin to restrict my levels of meat a bit, increase my consumption of certain grains, nuts, and legumes a lot, although consuming some beano with the legumes is probably a good thing, as well. I've just noticed that, left to my own devices as I have been, I am not enjoying the so-called "bachelor diet" that one would think I would like. More importantly, my intestines and my pancreas are crying foul. My intestines and I have an estranged relationship, like most people who eat as much spicy food as I do, but when the pancreas talks, I listen. Mostly because it can wrack my body with pain if I don't listen, but also because I think it may try to kill me one day, in an attempt to finish the job it started when I had to have my gallbladder removed about year ago. Do not anger your pancreas - it is far wiser than you.


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