Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I had the most bizarre dream last night. It wasn't much like a dream, really. I remember only fragments of it, but hey.
Fragment: I was laying in bed, thinking I was still awake, when I suddenly sat up, and grabbed the petrified walrus tusk around my neck. I looked down, and my hand had extra fingers on the side where there are no extra fingers...blurry, though, smeared like oil on a camera lens.
Fragment: I am walking through my apartment, which is not my apartment, after the fashion of dreams, when suddenly I realize I am dreaming. Suddenly, the people sitting on the couch watching television, who could not see me before, look right at me and do not break eye contact. Because I realize I am dreaming, I tell them to get out of my place or quit staring. They continue to stare, so I reabsorb them into my subconscious, something that has never happened to me in any dream, and likely would have never occurred to me to do had I not been reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. The result was that the dream ended, I was back in my bed, but still mostly asleep, just beginning to awaken. Never been that conscious and yet that asleep at the same time, all jokes about my gender that I hear from people aside.
Fragment: I believe that I am awake, I look out my bedroom door and see... something standing in my hall. It does not appear friendly. Not particularly malicious, mind you, just not friendly. It shakes its.........appendages.....at me and runs off. It doesn't scare me, just really really creeps me out.


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