Tuesday, February 26, 2002

I have taken these dietary modifications in part from various things I read all the time about when researching smart drugs and nutrients, and in part from these folk, although I have modified almost every thing about their diet that makes it unique. I have little desire to change the nature of my diet entire, especially in light of how difficult it is for me to integrate new foodstuffs into my diet unless I am prepared for them, I merely wish to alter the proportions of things that I eat. Actually, ratio is the right word there. I've been paying a lot more attention to which foods I respond well to and which foods I don't. Anything with a high sulphur content, for example, has to be eaten with high-acid foods, like tomato sauces and the like, or vinegar-containing stuff. Seems to be somehow related to gluten, as well, although bread doesn't seem to do it to me. Cheerios is a bad one. Eggs, as well, although those genetically modified eggs with the DHA and extra Vitamin E don't seem to do it to me. The sulphur doesn't get processed. It sits in my stomach until I vent it by belching, which produces a noxious gas that not even I can tolerate. It hasn't been as bad since puberty ended, of course, but it is still a disturbing thing when it happens. Doesn't smell like your typical foul odors that the body produces, either...the only thing I can compare it to is the smell of certain places in West Texas, when you are around too many oil pumps at once. The thought alone is disturbing. My grandmother is deathly allergic to the Sulfa family of antibiotics, which were our last great hope before pennicillin came along, and I wonder if there's not some sort of intolerance to Sulphur-containing compounds in general in my family.


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