Monday, February 07, 2005

Mindy has stayed over for about four nights in a row. It's awesome. I am constantly amazed by how good this is becoming. I find myself liking her more and more every time we hang out, which is a source of constant wonderment. I've only been in one relationship that felt this right before, and that was seven years ago when I was young, stupid, and bipolar. Waking up next to your girlfriend is the best feeling ever. Since the cat has peed on all the pillows in the house, I went and bought some new pillows tonight. One for me and one for Mindy. I'm not sure which one of us gets the memory foam,'s pretty danged comfortable. I need to clean my room and do my homework pretty soon. I think I'll go to bed first, and worry about the rest of it tomorrow, though. House hunting and David Walker coming down this weekend - hooray!


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