Thursday, August 19, 2004

I have got to stop posting drunk. Since I moved in with Tom & Jason, I've been drinking a lot, which is highly unusual for me. I've noticed few ill effects, but there have been some. I notice that I tend to post redundant redundant redundant words in my posts of late, and that bugs the hell out of me. We had a crisis this morning, but it seems to have been resolved. Tom's employment was threatened by incompetent beaurocracy. Grrr. We went and got fairly drunk on 99 cent margaritas, which was fun but not particularly helpful for job hunting. Still no luck on leafy greens. Tsk, a shame. Still, I got a comment on my weblog which made me smile, so that's cool. Also got another comment from a former coworker of mine, it sounds as if things at Bear are business as usual. I should really email another friend of mine I haven't talked to in a while, now that I think about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i make you smile? ;)


8/20/2004 2:15 AM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Yes, you did. You should email me. :)

8/22/2004 6:48 PM  

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