Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Matt, Cody, and Gaines came down, which was cool, although they didn't
bring the girl that flirts with me every time I see her, which was
disappointing. I'm vaguely disappointed.

I'm listening to a
new Joni Mitchell song right now, really good one. I've heard it
before, but I didn't realize that she sang it. My medication doesn't
work that well when I'm sick, and sitting in the Amazing Room of Smoke
(tm) is causing my mild allergies to come back. I was laying in my
room trying to sleep when the wave 'o' depression struck. Not what I
needed to deal with right now. I have too many real life issues to
deal with to start worrying about things like the future and my love
life. Well, lack of love life. That's a funny thing, my love life.
I've found that I ascribe less and less importance to it as time goes
by. The sad thing about it is, it bleeds over to other people. Fair
enough, I don't particularly like people to interfere in that sort of
thing anyway. They always have peculiar ideas about things that are
"good for me", or "people who would make a good match". I have this
grand fear that I'm going to reach a certain age and people are going
to start trying to play matchmaker out of some misguided sense of
sympathy. 28 looms on the horizon, of course, but I haven't ever made
my mind up whether I care. *sigh* One of many things, one of many.
Life is never equal for all players, I've noticed, and all that
glitters is not gold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*flirt!* ... *blush*


8/19/2004 3:13 AM  

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