Thursday, July 22, 2004

Amazing!  It finally loaded!  Anyway, this is my last post from Mexico for a while, I imagine.  I had originally planned on doing it in spanish and posting a link to Babelfish, but that's really a pain in the ass so I won't.  My spanish hasn't improved *that* much.  Anyway, we leave tomorrow, everyone gets little gifts.  I got some sort of liquor made from agave that the man declared was not tequila *or* mezcal.  Its name is "Vertigo", and when I bought it he said "good luck!".  He also said it was "la bomba", which translates to "the bomb", or more specifically "a bomb".  I don't know whether this is a description of its strength, or its flavor, but I know he did not mean it as in "tha's tha bomb, G!".  I'm a bit frightened of it, to tell you the truth.  I'm debating whether or not to buy a bottle of brandy or a bottle of tequilla to go with it.  I suspect brandy will last longer, since I don't know anyone that drinks it, even top-shelf.  We're also getting my medication refilled, and my father is getting two pair of glasses for about half the price of one in the states.  Well, about the same as one pair, anyway.  Pretty cool.  Nice place, Guanajuato.  I met a girl from Oregon last night, and since I didn't want her to flirt with me anymore because she seemed pretty drunk and had been kissing both of the bartenders, I followed Matt's guidelines and didn't tell her my name.  It worked - she stopped flirting after a little while of being drunk.  Anyway, I'm drafting up plans to come down here for an extended weekend sometime.  I've investigated the price of three people staying at a youth hostel, and the total cost of bus fare down here, etc.  I think three people can have a few-day adventure in Guanajuato for around 1000 dollars, give or take.  That's not each, that's for all three.  Anyway, we shall see.  Pretty neat town.


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