Friday, July 02, 2004

Well, I have a lot to tell, but not much time to write this, so I'll just let everyone know that I'm doing okay, moving is going as it goes, and my hair is now red, although it's fading a bit. I really think I like it, so I may stick with it for a while. Anyway, back to driving, my pit stop is at an end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey it's Misti! I may be leaving sooner than I originally planned to Chicago. I am considering trying to leave August 4th if I can give away most of my things or sell them. It's looking like the sooner I get there the better my employment chances other words the opposite of what I'd hoped. I hope that you read this since I'm not sure when you are returning to Dallas again.

7/07/2004 5:51 PM  

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