Sunday, July 18, 2004

I have to figure out how I'm going to register for my classes tomorrow from Mexico.  This is going to be a tough one.  I guess I'm going to buy phone cards and try to do it via telephone.  Mother doesn't seem to be holding up well up there, so we may try to figure out how to come back early, but there are logistical problems involved, we may not be able to.  I am officially impressed by this town - it's a cross between a tourist town, a college town, and a medium sized Mexican town, essentially a large village.  It's international!  There are people from all over the world here!  We saw a world class jazz trio at Teatro Juarez last night, and I got a copy of the CD for later listening.  Really, though, I'm kind of ready to go back home.  I got everyone little souveniers, except one person, because he's kind of tough to shop for.  I'll probably get Tom something else, too.  I keep finding myself wishing he was here to see something, or thinking, "I have to remember to tell Tom about this when I get back".  I think he would love it here, after he got over the culture shock for the first day or two.  Well, it took me three days and I've been to Mexico before, so I may be being generous.

One thing about it that's kind of hard to explain is the cotrast - how can a city be this beautiful on the one hand and on the other be so dirty?  I mean, it's not that it's *that* dirty, really, just that mexican cities are more dirty than cities in Texas.  But it's an amazing place, and I haven't even been to any of the really nice museums here.  We went and checked out a hostel earlier, and it's fantastic.  That may end up being the place where I stay if I ever come back just for kicks.  They have this huge festival every year, called the Cervantino, which is internationally known in the Spanish-speaking world.  People crowd the streets like crazy, and every famous spanish author comes here.  It's really something else, or so I'm told.  I keep taking pictures, but I know no one will really want to see them.  Well, some people will, I guess, but I know I always kind of groan inside when people drag out pictures, so I assume everyone else feels the same way.  the big thing is, I like them once I am looking at them, but I hate seeing that stack.  It demands your attention, you know?


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I'll check out the pictures, I've never been before.

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