Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Well, I got the computer working again. I spent the majority of the weekend playing (well, practicing) guitar. Sorry so long between updates. I've been really getting myself hyped up about this guitar business, so I don't lose interest too quickly. My grandmother was fine, although she misunderstood some basic aspects of communnication a couple of times. She's definitely got altzheimer's (sp?) pretty bad. The poor woman. It's sad, really...she actually remembers traveling in a covered wagon, or at least she did before this last year or so. My Ladytron order did not go through, but I will be reordering it this weekend. My erstwhile ex-roommate decided that the phrase "you've got to come and hang out with me next weekend while I'm stuck at the house, because I'm going to be bored all weekend long", meant "you've got to show up for about fifteen minutes on your way to having better things to do after I've spent all weekend long sitting here watching the paint dry and playinf the same two chords over and over, and am now about leave in twenty minutes". Ah, well, I suppose I can't complain too much: he payed me back some of the money he owes me, so one act of solidarity kind of balances out the act of extreme flakiness. Besides, now I know two chords.


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