Friday, June 07, 2002

Well, I've managed to have my computer for under a week and already I've broken it and had to reinstall everything. I'm so proud. It's a rare gift, you know. They should hire me as a beta tester for things. I have to go home and house-sit while my parents are out of town, because my 92 year old grandmother can't really be by herself. It's like babysitting, but I feel kinda guilty about calling it that, so I don't. I think I'm going to try to write an article or short story while I'm there, or something along those lines. I also plan to bring my guitar along, so I will have something to do in case that doesn't pan out. I should also probably investigate some other entertainment options, I suppose. Music, or something along those lines. Maybe I'll bring down some blank CD's and try to get some mp3's on my parents' laptop. I just ordered 604 by Ladytron, so I won't feel the least bit bad about downloading every song on the album until it arrives. Maybe some art supplies, too. I figure I had better stock up, you know? I don't think that I will really be able to leave the house at all, so it's a pressing concern that I not be bored out of my godforsaken skull. It is also a concern that I not be overly busy with tasks I do not wish to fulfill, but I have control over only one of these.


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