Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Wow. go check out Time For Your Meds over on the sidebar. Quite the controversy. One of those things where you understand both sides, so the only thing to do is side with the ones that demonstrate the most tolerance and the least venom. Isn't it amazing how civility can make such a difference? If only more people understood this, eh? So I've been taking this L Pyroglutamic acid stuff lately, and I'm not sure what the effect is, but it seems to be making a positive difference. I didn't get the guitar last night, I went to the bookstore last night instead. Big mistake. I am now the proud owner of several books, all of which I read last night, giving me the lovely feeling of wasted money. I got two CD's I have been wanting to get for a while, and while they are fantastic, they were horribly overpriced. Dow fooka. However, I will say this: Martin, Medeski, and Wood is everything I expected it to be, if a bit more Jazz than I had bargained for. I also got Lisa Loeb's newest album, more out of a strange sense of identification than anything else...that and fandom not shared by many. I must admit, I was Extremely impressed! This album is absolutely fantastic! Not at all what I was expecting. I wasn't expecting bad, of course, I was just expecting that this would be one of those things that only I would really like, not something that would appeal to a mass audience, or music snobs like some friends of mine. (You know who you are, and I love y'all for it, so don't get offended.) Anyway, if you have the wherewithal, I seriously recommend getting this album - it is nothing short of a remarkable transformation. Although if you don't like female singer/songwriters it may not be your cup of tea, it is still good enough to give it a listen to if a friend of yours has it or the record store has those little headsets out.


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