Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Well, a remarkable weekend, to say the least. Is it just me, or did nothing go quite right for anyone? Nothing went quite wrong, mind you, but nothing went quite right either. I dunno, I'm not sure what's good or bad in the world right now. (there are exceptions, of course.) All I know is, my tax return finally came in, so I am going to buy a new guitar and another carboy for my wine kit. *sigh* The rest goes into savings, for my finishing college fund. Looks like it will be the best school available, rather than my first choice. I think I will splurge, though, and invest in a couple of books at the Half Price Bookstore. That place is the biggest leak in my wallet, I swear. If you are Tommy, put my videotape into your trunk, because I trust your memory about as far as I can fly.


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