Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Deeka dow. Dai-katakow. I have just been in a foul mood for most of the day. Not quite angry, not quite sad, not really anything except sick of work. Suffering burnout I think. Probably the best solution here is to just 420 myself into oblivion this afternoon and go to sleep. Normally not something I do during the week, because it tends to unwholesomely affect your sleep, but I think I have that one licked for now anyway and I plan to sleep the evening away anyway, so no big deal there. I think this is an admission of defeat, of sorts, but it could be worse. Really, I feel rather defeated today anyway. Beat down, I suppose. I imagine that's the truest description I have of it. I plan to double my dose of antidepressants until this condition is alleviated.


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