Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Mmmmm....I have a roast at home in the crock pot right now cooking. That's one thing I would miss if I ever became a vegetarian. Good ole pot roast. And ham. And food in mexico, that's been cooked in lard. Mmmmm, food.
Seriously, though, this should be good for leftovers - for a week or so, at least. Good grief! It was on sale, though...had to be sold by today, so it was less than a dollar a pound. Should be quite nice. I know most of you don't really care one whit about this, but if you've never had a crock pot before, it's pretty danged exciting. Besides, both my grandmother and my mother have been making pot roast all my life, so in a very real way it's symbolic to me. It's as if, once you've made a pot roast, you've arrived. You've made a true meal for a family, even if there's just one of now have a household. Again, even if there's just one of you. :)


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