Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Oh, and also - my roommate decided to move back home with the folks this weekend, I found out. They made him a great offer, school and money wise, and it was probably a wise decision on his part, although I will miss having someone around to act as a substitute for me having to actually go out and get a real life. His was much more entertaining than mine usually are. He is taking all of his stuff, too, the smarmy little bastard. :)
I will miss the computer and the stereo greatly, especially since the stereo is my alarm clock. Ick. This is a situation that must be rectified immediately. Ah, well. Things won't be the same without you, Tom, but I imagine my wine making efforts will benefit. I might even manage to learn guitar, too. I've found that when bored I will do almost anything to keep myself from realizing that I can't stand how bored I am anymore. And I can't drink, so the wine consumption around here will go down to minimal levels. By the way, if you happen to read this before you come down, call Shane.


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