Friday, January 18, 2002

Every single year, I have trouble with my car sometime shortly after Christmas. I'm so sick of it. My car has been in the parking lot for a couple of weeks now, and there's a little orange sticker on it right now, indicating that it will be towed soon. In the parking lot at work, mind you. I have no idea how I am going to get home from work today, short of walking in the cold. I can't afford the bus, I have no one to call. The problem with my car is fairly simple, really - the school bus that hit me a few weeks ago managed to bend something or another just enough that it punctured the radiator later on. Bleh. I had to get a ride from my boss today. That really sucked. She was quite nice about it, but I've found I am uncomfortable around people that hold my livelihood in the palm of their hands. It's disturbing, to say the least.
I'm trying very hard not to lay blame on this incident, because after all that sort of thing loses you friends and does no good in the end, but it's harder than I thought. It's not that it can't and/or isn't being done, just that it's harder than one would think to do. But I should be fair, really...supporting someone else's bad ideas when you know they are bad ideas is no one's fault but your own, I suppose. I am just so frustrated right now with the whole damned car and bill situation, I am about ready to smack someone. Thank god I still have plenty of antidepressants, or I really would. Mild depression + coffee = anger. Odd how that works. Major depression + coffee = some kind of funky, energetic despair. Hmph. Anyway, neither is particularly a concern at the moment, thanks to the wonders of OTC meds. Yippee. On the bright side, we may see some more posting than usual for a few days, on here, because I have nowhere to go and nothing to do except clean house and surf the %$!@#%$ Internet, because I'm carless. Careless, too, but that's neither here not there. Anyway, if my roommate does move out, like he's talking about doing, I'm going to try to get him to let me keep the TV for a while. I wouldn't miss him. I would get so damned bored I would snap, although that might be a good thing, if I snapped in the right direction. I have some needed socializing to do, I suppose.


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