Friday, December 07, 2001

Eh, the weekend...time to dump a bunch of links on here and send out random emails to friends, romans, and countrymen to get them to visit the site. (No ears, please, I have two that are selectively functional.) Did you know that there is a Not that anything works there, tho. Anyways, on with the links, so I can delete the file. Wine racks! Recipes. Related. Cooking, cooking, gardening, writing, treehouses, more treehouses, etc, etc, extremely etc...Whew! (nick nick nine, the goose drank wine) Coke bottle recycling and potential political deviancy, related mad scientist stuff, Sherlock Holmes would be proud - but he would still have a cocaine addiction, one day I will have a computer that works properly, I really want to go back to college and actually go to class this - really! (The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line) Neat blog, same, see where to find anyone on TV. (The line broke, the monkey got choked) Sell yourself to science, and what to do if that's your chosen profession, finally - a working link trader for blogs, more about volunteering for medical experiments, my friend Jackie will love all these links, one more about the pharmaceutical companies and the tests they'll run on your poor unsuspecting self, shouldn't this be not Ya think? And finally, my guestbook - sign it. (and they all went to heaven in a LITTLE ROWBOAT!!!!) There. *breathing hard* Stream of consciousness enough for ya?


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