Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So there are these guys in my training class that are not going to make it. It's like I'm in a skit for a comedy show about what not to do your first week of the job. Here's a short list:

-Bring the want ads to class and circle jobs
-yell at your friend about a job you found that pays more on the internet during a slideshow about how to do your new job
-rant for 15 minutes because someone passed foul-smelling gas during the aforementioned slideshow
-talk about how if you don't get your check you'll have to shoot someone
-fall asleep, start snoring
-send text messages to your girlfriend
-every three minutes, shout out a random song lyric or pop culture reference with no relation to the subject matter of the class
-when called upon to act out taking a call, say things like "the hell you want me to do about it?"
-fall asleep again, and snore some more
-argue with the teacher about his attitude
-read basketball scores and watch videos of last night's sporting event or last season's highlights on youtube (with volume) during a video about how to use the tools necessary to do one's new job
-make fun of the teacher, thinking that he won't get your colorful colloquialisms because you're too "gangsta" for him
-fall asleep, you guessed it, again
-during your lunch break, fall asleep on the couch in the lobby
-send a nasty email to the temp agency about not having recieved your check for eleven dollars for the mandatory orientation (I'm glad someone did it, but you can be sure that the tone was not an approach I would have taken - I read a little bit of it)


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