Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow, pretty great weekend. Went to two parties, talked to my ex-fiance/girlfriend/whatever's new boyfriend for an hour and a half about comic books (he's a really awesome guy, seems like...I'm glad, she deserves someone good), met a cute girl who helped Thom and I try to build a fort in the living room out of sheets and couch cushions, and ate like a wealthy polynesian islander. Well, except for the actual content of the diet, I was thinking more of the volume. I'm thinking of making my own sodas with my homebrew kit since I don't really drink that much. I've cracked open my several-hundred-hobbies addiction again, must be winter. During the summer I never suddenly have 20 or more projects I want to do. Dang.

I end up laying in bed awake a lot, just kind of readjusting my position in an attempt to ease the pressure on my shoulder with the pinched nerve. This doesn't always work out for me, especially if I move around enough to let Alex know that I'm awake and he should come start trying to eat my hair. Damned cat.


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