Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ha ha, from a Slashdot post:

"Indeed. In fact there is no light either. The Sun sucks dark. In fact it
sucks dark so hard that the friction of the dark moving to the Sun
causes the Sun to be very hot. The flow of dark towards the Sun
interrupted by the Earth causes the side of the Earth away from the Sun
to accumulate dark, thus causing Night. As the Earth rotates the dark
caught on the night side can then be pulled off, this causing the
absence of dark known as Day.

What we call light bulbs are truly dark suckers as well. That is why
light bulbs are hot, just like the Sun. When a light bulb is full of
dark and won't suck dark any more, it cools off. If you look in old
light bulbs you can even seen the accumulation of dark.

Dark is also heavier than water. This can be seen in the oceans where
the deeper you go the darker it gets."


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