Saturday, August 20, 2005

We saw Dar Williams tonight, that was cool. Then we went for sushi, that was fun. Then Mindy, who had already been a little on edge when I arrived after work, proceeded to suddenly get extremely angry for apparently no reason. At first I thought it was something I had done, since everything I said was met with a biting response. Eventually, I discovered that it was due to traffic. You know, I used to react that poorly to traffic, but it was a symptom of something in my case, because - and this is key - it was an EXTREMELY OUT OF PROPORTION OVERREACTION. Now, it's usually not this bad, but virtually every time she's driving she gets angry at someone, oftentimes for things that they are "about to do". I hate to post about it, because it feels a bit like I'm airing dirty laundry, but this *is* technically my journal and only three people read this anyway. It's really starting to freak me out a little, because it happens a lot. I just don't think that level of anger is a normal reaction to traffic. Maybe it's an LA thing - I hear they shoot each other a lot out there. Maybe they have some sort of geographically induced temper problem.


Blogger Shoeless said...

Dar? Has she already been through Dallas? New CD?

8/20/2005 8:59 AM  

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