Friday, May 27, 2005

Goddamnit. Did I drink all of this tequila, or did someone else? I remember drinking some, but not three quarters of a bottle. Then again, it very likely was me, that last night of class when everyone came home drunk and scared off my classmate. My head hurts. I wonder where the roomies are? Ah, well, I have to go anyway, I was going to touch base before not seeing them for days again. Oh, the new Ben Folds CD is awesome, for those of you who haven't listened. All in all, today wasn't the best day. I have got to get more sleep, and there's a road trip a-waitin'. If anyone needs me, I'll be on my cell. Here's hoping all the Austinites have a great weekend, I'll do my best to make sure the Dallasians do too. (And that goes double for Matt and Amber)


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