Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wow, I was reading over some of the archives, because someone came to my site due to me mentioning liberty spikes about two years ago. I used to put a lot more effort into this site. It was all writing, back then, and few links. What happened to me? Inertia, I suppose, and the crackdown on me surfing the net at work. I found a neat quote, though, something I wrote when I was rapid cycling:

"The rain fell like love, last night, and washed away the weight of the world."

You know, every time I think I don't have the poetry in my soul that some of my more eloquent friends have (yes, Tom, I mean you, at least in spoken word), I run across something I wrote a long time ago that I respond to, as if it were someone else's work. I mean, it makes sense that the things that meant something to me then would pluck the chords that beat my heart now, I suppose, but I'm happy to know that I write things that I think are good.

Not that my ego needed stroking, really, I just thought it was neat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no poetry in my soul, those are poison!

5/12/2004 9:21 PM  
Blogger The Thom said...

Anonymous means The Tom, yes, I did write all that stuff. I admit it.

5/12/2004 9:23 PM  

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