Monday, May 10, 2004

FW: Anticlimactic

> Well, the test is over. I fear I may have screwed up on the tapotement,
> which is where you rhythmically beat on someone's back lightly. If they
> count that as going over an endangerment zone, then I'm screwed, but I'm
> not going to let it worry me for a month. I took it, it's over, and I'm
> not going to let a test I already took live on in my mind. Other things
> that happened: Went bowling, got drunk at a hip-hop concert, got a box of
> records, saw Katherine's boyfriend (who is a substantial improvement in
> looks over Tony), saw Tori (which is always disappointing because she has
> a boyfriend), saw Collin and all of the San Marcos crowd (who had better
> sign my guestbook if they're reading this. Yes, Collin and Josh, this
> means you...), and in general had a good time despite my high stress
> levels.