Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One more, Stacy Jobe/Nees's turn.

This one is hard for me, because it means admitting some things about myself that I'm not proud of. When I first met Stacy, I completely underestimated her. In fact, I think I did that through the entire time we were dating. I can make excuses about being completely crazy at that point in time, but those are reasons, not excuses. The fact is, Stacy has proven that she is smarter, cooler, more creative, and more impressive on a regular basis the entire time I have known her. Every time I think I know how cool she is, it is proven to me that I have once again underestimated her. Stacy is a remarkable woman as well. She has been through a lot of rough times, as have all of us in the Mount Pleasant Survivors' Club(tm), and she has not become bitter *or* stupid, which is the response of a lot of people. (Not my core friends, you understand, but those who fell behind and got sucked in to believing the world was just as shitty all over as they were experiencing at the time.) Stacy was the first person I ever dated that made me realize, after it was all over, that I needed to be a better person if I was ever going to deserve a good relationship. I can't thank her enough for that one.


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