Friday, December 23, 2005

Okay, two things for all you people out there who are looking to do something for me for Xmas. Not that any of you have any money, I understand, and besides that, none of you are getting anything from my broke self for Xmas so it isn't fair to ask for anything from anyone else. (I am giving one free Xmas massage to any friend who requests one before, say, April, however.)

Anyway, One of each of these would be nice, as well as some computer help: Does anyone out there know how to transform an RSS feed into a livejournal? I'm trying to sync this site and my never-used livejournal, so that people I know who insist on using the perverse livejournal system can keep in touch with me better. I have access to RSS feeds of this site, but I don't know Dick, Tom, or Harry about XML. Neither does anyone else out there, I'm sure, but if anyone does, drop me a line at acausal gmail com.


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