Friday, November 12, 2004

I really want to find my sculpture tools. I've had a lot brewing in my head of late, and I need to get a creative outlet going again. I think this could work. It's something that will give me a lot of time to just mull things over while I work, which would be great. I don't know. "Strange thoughts on this night in Las Vegas." Wherefore free will? How to fix this feeling of dissatisfaction with my life? Am I turning into one of those art types? Augh! I'm working at GNC right now, but I simply must find another job. The pay is, to put it bluntly, dick. I'm going through the same thing Tom has been complaining about lately, I feel like I'm watching my life unfold around me without actually being a part of it. It goes too fast. Nothing is ever going to get done this way.


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