Friday, September 12, 2003

So the new medication is working out stunningly, for those few people that actually read this danged thing. Tullyspy called me, which was unexpected but very cool indeed, and a variety of other doodads and gimgaws have found their ways into my life. I have been taking vinpocetine for about a week now, finding it much preferrable to vincamine, the more expensive and higher dose alternative. Vinpocetine, after the initial stomach discomfort, has begun to give me really interesting effects. Increased powers of visualization, etc. I take Huperzine A for tests and studying, but not too often so I don't build up a toxic level of acetylcholine in the brain, and DMAE on a daily basis along with the vinpocetine and a vitamin C pill that contains grape skin extract and a few other things. I have DMG in reserve for times when I really need a boost, but the corresponding drain when it wears off makes it an infrequent at best supplement. Interesting stuff, all.


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