Thursday, August 28, 2003

"I too could not find good information for copying movies from VHS to DVD. I looked a numerous guides and forum threads, but nothing seemed to match what I was looking for. I have an Aver TV card that seems to work decent (the software that came with it wasn’t much) and only about 50mb of free storage to work with. I finally settled on two approaches depending on the quality of the recording I wanted and the time I have to mess with the process.. If I want something fast then I use WinDVD Recorder and set the quality for ½ DVD. This creates an MPEG-2 file that I can author with TMPGEnc DVD Author and burn with Nero. A process that takes about 4 hours to copy a 2 hour VHS tape from start to finish. If I want more quality I use Virtual VCR with the Morgan MJPEG codec to create 720X480 capture in AVI format that can be encoded with TMPGEnc Plus, authored with TMPGEnc DVD Author and burned with Nero. This process takes about 24 hours (2 recording, 18-20 encoding, .25 authoring, 1 burning) I’ve tried WinDVD Creator, MY Sonic, Spruce Up, and several others. Most took 10s of hours to produce mediocre results. You system may do better. Mine is not able to capture MPEG-2 with full DVD quality without dropping frames."

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