Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Just a little dip into the internet to find a far more well-written argument than one I could provide -

"Some people object to taking psychiatric medications - I did until it became clear I would not survive without them, and even for some years afterwards I wouldn't take them when I was feeling well. One reason people resist taking antidepressants is that they feel they would rather be depressed than to experience artificial happiness from a drug. But that's really not what's happening when you take antidepressants. Being depressed is as much a delusional state as believing oneself to be the Emperor of France. You may be quite surprised to hear that and I was too the first time I read a psychologist's statement that his patient sufferred from the delusion that life was not worth living. But depressive thought really is delusional." - Michael Crawford, Kuro5hin story here.


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