Monday, September 23, 2002

Rock on. I will soon be able to create an about page, photo page, etc. This will enable me to...I dunno. I suppose I could put a link to all of the webcomics I like. That would be nice. I could also do something like Zannah has done, and divide the blog up into various factions, so as to facilitate more appropriate Isaac-mining, for those so inclined. Or maybe not. One good thing is that I can put a password protection on a page, leaving me the option to have a more personal site nested within this one. A diary in fact, rather than just a website vaguely resembling one. That would be nice, although I can't think of much that I would keep private. Maybe a few things. I keep my secrets rather close to the vest, though. I have never had cause to write them down. Anything written down can be read, after all, and there are naturally things that anyone would not want to make public about themselves. Insecurities, pecadillos, vices, and the like. Still, I think there is a middle ground there. Certainly enough for me to deal with. I wouldn't mind a private page, but I think there is an aspect of the little star, shouting "I EXIST!" to an uncaring universe, involved in the blog. They are, by their very nature, personal things that you shouldn't be reading, but are anyway. And about a complete stranger. Completely anonymous voyeurism and exhibitionism, safe and yet nakedly revealing. You can't just lock up what you don't want people to know about, it's not exactly fair. You can, however, set limits. There are limits to my pseudo-exhibitionism, as there are to everyone's. Well, most people anyway. I will keep the things that can be used to hurt me to myself, as always. There are few things that fit this bill, far fewer than most people, I think, but they are simple things. Simple, and easy to use. The chinks in my armor, when opened, bypass every shred of protection I have against abject humiliation and loss of dignity. I have no intention of revealing these things, even accidentally, so I suppose that would be something to put on a site. Another is observations about people that read this site. Nothing too negative, mind, not about anyone that actually reads this site very often, if indeed anyone does. There are those, however, who have this address and rarely read the site. No, not you, Tom. Fair enough to say there are whole supermarkets full of cans of worms that all parties involved would feel just as well if they were not opened. No, not you either, Amber. Anyway, I'm excited. All I have to do is get an FTP client for the ol' home machine and start cranking out the pages. Yee-haw.


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