Thursday, August 29, 2002

DaliWorld has an interesting twist on those old aquarium screen savers. An environment like this could potentially be perfect for a lot of other things, as well. Neutral Milk Hotel - I discovered this band a long time ago, but no one ever listened to me when I told them they should go check it out, until they rediscovered it later on their own and thought they had found it first. *sigh* True Stories Of A Porn Clerk - what happens when someone who is not already an afficionado of pornography gets a job at a porn store? Hilarious and frequently insightful.
"I heard someone suggest that we should help the US, just like they helped us in WWII. By waiting three years, then going over there, flashing our money around, shagging all the women and acting like we owned the place. --Seen in #tron" I forget where I got this, but I thought it was pretty funny.


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