Thursday, August 29, 2002

I'm not very good at keeping this up, lately, I've noticed. I need to work on that, I suppose. I don't remember if I posted this or not, but I've always wanted to buy my own island. "The Loved One" with Robert Morse - I've been meaning to check that out, as well. Have you ever run a search and ended up getting a bunch of crap in german, or worse yet, japanese? ("Download japanese text support? Only 4.5 megabytes over your slow, slow dialup connection!") Well, fret no longer - points to google's english language only search.

In the process of looking for things to do in Dallas, and in other places if I were to decide to go there, I ran across a bunch of festivals and conventions. Scarborough Faire, if you live in Texas you've probably heard of Scarborough. It's a Rennaisance Festival that takes place every year in Waxahachie, just south of Dallas. Loads of fun, except for the time I went with a horrible sunburn. That sucked. Sustainable Dallas - a convention of sorts, I think. I believe it's yearly. The Shakespeare Festival of Dallas - I went last year to this, it was remarkable. I'm not usually a big Shakespeare fan, but it was awesome.


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