Friday, July 26, 2002

Last night, I had a friend of a friend call me up and invite me to dinner. I'm not one to complain, since he bought. We went to his local watering hole and had drinks, or rather he did - I sat and drank Dr. Peppers all night long. Anyway, at one point, this incredibly drunk guy happens to wander by passing out flyers, wearing a K*** shirt. He saw my shirt, which was also a K*** shirt, and came over to say hello. Turns out, he was one of the DJ's for that station, for the wednesday night metal show I rarely listen to, and he was passing out tickets to the Willie Nelson concert this saturday. He was drunk, mind you, and when I told him that I got the shirt by pledging 30 dollars, he gave me a stack of about 10 tickets. Then some other people he had given tickets to gave me theirs. So now, I have about 25 tickets to a Willie Nelson concert tomorrow, and 1 ticket that must have been in the stack by mistake, to a Melissa Ethridge concert. Not a huge fan of either, but...hey, man - free tickets. And Willie is pretty cool. I think I'll treat my erstwhile ex-roommate to the other concert. He's not a lesbian, but probably is the only other person in my circle of friends who could sit through a concert by her. I'll enjoy the people-watching if nothing else.


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