Tuesday, May 21, 2002

You know, it's really amazing how making someone else's day can make your day. The girl's a sweetheart, and not a bad artist to boot. Tops off a beautiful day outside. At least, I *think* it's a beautiful day outside. It looks like it out the window. (Danged job)

So I came in last night and immediately crashed, sleeping all the way through until work the next day. Two years ago I would have hated to do that. I still mourn the lost time to a degree, mind you, but when you live by yourself, sleep is sometimes far more precious a commodity than time. My time is my own. I tend to spend a lot of it cooking, trying to finish my various short stories I've started, and playing old-school Nintendo. Nothing like Final Fantasy 1 to kill unbelievable amounts of time. I have a thief character named after the drummer from Lint (see sidebar), who has owed me fifty dollars for a year and a half now. I plan on going to one of their concerts and heckling them mercilessly until he throws a drumstick at me.


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