Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Well, Austin was an absolutely amazing place. Of course, now I'm substantially more broke, but I saw that one coming going into it. I still didn't get to buy any of the Rudy's BBQ sauce, which is a shame, but we found several good places to eat, which was nice.

Also found several houses for rent at roughly the same rent as our apartment budget, which will definitely come in handy. I plan to keep an eye on the online listings, although it is difficult to find home rentals on the internet. Looking for a 3 bedroom right now, based on the assumption that one of the two additional planned roommates will be there fairly soon, and if not we have an office, which is just plain useful. A place to put the wine kits, my toolbox, massage table when not in use, and of course computers and a desk for Tom. (And whatever else he wants to put in there, of course.) It would be nice either way - cheaper rent or spare room.

Other things, we came up with a pretty good business idea, but disclosing it over the internet is a foolhardy scheme to say the least, so those of you that actually care are welcome to email me or talk to me in person about it. In any event, we can look to see this one coming in to effect by the end of the year. I will say nothing more than that it involves mobile food vending, which will explain the preponderance of links related to that you're about to all see.

All in all, a fantastic time was had by all, got to see Collin which is always nice, and found out who put the Bop in the Bop-sh-bop-sh-bop, though I am still trying to find out who put the Ram in the Ram-a-la-ma-ding-dong.


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