Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well, preparing oneself to be swept away into academia after so long away is truly interesting. I think I bring far more organizational skill to the table, this time, and since I plan on making a career out of this (after a fashion) it is a lot different. Truly living *in* the moment, rather than waiting for it to be over, like so much of my life has been spent. I've been investigating a great many things about my fifteen-year college plan. I think it will be interesting, though I will have to apply myself far more than I have ever done in school in the past. Not a problem, though - the second I started thinking about what it would be like to be back in school, I felt a whole paradigm shift occur, and suddenly a great deal of what I had thought incontrovertably lost to me returned in full force. Apparently, I work best under pressure, something I already knew. Dramatic paradigm shift. Very dramatic. I had forgotten how different the world is to the student. How completely and totally different. Wow. I guess I didn't damage as much of my brain as I thought in the last seven years. Hmmm.


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