Monday, May 17, 2004

Tom will love this:

"Austin activists, in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, are boycotting Taco Bell and demanding an end to sweatshops in the fields. Why Boycott Taco Bell?
South Florida farmworkers have not received a raise since 1978
Their average annual income is $7500
Farmworkers must pick 2 tons of tomatoes to make $50 in a day
Farmworkers do not receive overtime pay nor do they have the right to organize
There have been 5 convicted cases of slavery involving Florida farmworkers in the past 5 years
CIW is asking Taco Bell - a major purchaser of south Florida tomatoes
To pay one more penny per pound to farmworkers. This would nearly double pickers' wages while costing only 1/4 cent extra for your taco.
Support the Taco Bell Boycott and stand in solidarity with the CIW!"


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