Monday, February 09, 2004

"There are a bunch of tabs (actually, sheet music with chords, not tabs as
such) on Jill's official site When the site was redesigned this summer,
some things got easier to find and some got harder. Unfortunately, the
sheet music is in the latter category. At some point, I'm going to try and
correct that. Meantime, the way to find this stuff is to go through the CD
track list & lyrics page, starting here:
Click an album cover graphic to select an album, then click a track name to
select a track. If sheet music is available for that track, you'll see a
"get PDF of chords" link appear. Unfortunately, you have to hunt through
all the songs to do this -- there's no single list in a centralized place
anymore. If memory serves, there are six or seven of them."


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