Monday, February 09, 2004

Sobule, Jill: Rarities Vol. 1 - Almost Fell, Big Shoes, Billy's Thing, Don't Drop Dead, Don't Let Us Get Sick (live), Frank Mills, Freshman (live), Jet Pack, Kathy Lee (radio), Last Line, Little Windows, Man In The Boat, Manchild, Mom, Money Shot, Nothing Natural, Queserasera, Red Purse, Saddest Day Of The Year, Secretive Life, So Jill, Sonny Liston (radio), Strawberry Gloss (live), Tel Aviv & Youthful Indiscretions

Rarities Vol. 2 - Big Shoes (live), Billy's Thing (live), Freshman (live w/ guitar), Freshman (studio), Girl In The Affair (live), Happytown (live), Jet Pack (live), Jig (live), Joey (live), Karen By Night (live), Kathie Lee (live), Last Line (live), New Mexico (live), Nothing Natural (2003), Pilar (live), Survivor (live), Sweet Little Summer (live), Texas, Texas (live), Under The Disco Ball, Underdog Victorious, Vrbana Bridge (live) & Youthful Indiscretions (live)


Anonymous Digital Dave said...

Is this Jill thing still available anywhere?

10/25/2013 9:11 AM  

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