Monday, August 18, 2003

As for Major, I'm still deciding between Folklore and Mythology, which is something I have always been interested in to begin with anyway (and doing research as a folklorist would be so much fun!), European Studies (includes the expectation of spending at least one semester in Europe, a program I've always been interested as it seems to have been such a pivotal experience in Katherine's life, for the good), Linguistics (I really like linguistics, for some reason. Enough that I've been examining some of the course materials from MIT's Open CourseWare initiative independently), or Anthropology (Have you noticed that all of the above are very similar?). I'm thinking the minor will be in Environmental Studies, although I might invert that. Hmm...I wonder if it would be possible for me to do a double major? If indeed that would even be worth it? It strikes me that all of these lead to a pretty interesting choice of graduate degrees. I am suddenly interested in following this up, I think. Renewing my interest in education with massage school has reminded me that when I am learning something is one of the only times I am truly alive. Did you know they have Aikido classes at Umass as part of their physical education program? Neat!


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