Monday, August 18, 2003

Okay, a little bit of good news, at least to me. Here are my plans as current. I have recently discovered that there are five schools, called the Five Colleges Consortium, all in the same town in Massachutsetts, Amherst. Now, as I've stated before, I really want to go to Amherst, but I'm actually happy with any of the schools there. Umass at Amherst, Hampshire, all are good. Smith and Mt. Holyoke appear to be both women's colleges, which are not exactly conducive to me attending, although through their exchange program if they are willing I might take a couple of courses in Women's Studies. I think that would be an interesting environment in which to take such a course. I have to put together an application packet, of course, and try and figure out a variety of ways to make myself more appealing than I would be otherwise, with my incredibly low GPA, but I think there is a definite shot here. Of course, it means that I have to step up the schedule on all of my location-dependent projects, but that's fine. In any event, excellent schools!!! Umass, I think it was, maybe Hampshire, even has special dorms for nontraditional students. This is a big deal, if you are someone who doesn't know how you're going to live when you attend school there, at least for the first semester. You go, live in dorms, but not with a bunch of 18-21 year olds. Very nice. I am going to be sporadically posting links to various pages about the area, census material, demographics modeling, etc. When I do research, I tend to pull up everything I can. I have a mileage routing chart of all the nearby cities, as well, but that's neither here nor there. I should be there by next fall. It's distinctly possible I will be there in April, but I'm kind of doubting it right now.


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