Tuesday, October 01, 2002

So oddly enough, yesterday ended on a light note. Go figure. I need to take care of some things today, despite my foolish meandering along the byways of stupidity yesterday evening. I'm going to take a risk on something, though. I'll know if I end up puking my guts up for three days whether or not it was extremely foolish, but I'm going to take a SAM-e later on. Probably a stupid thing to do, I know, but depression has been making returns lately even with the inclusion of Paxil into my daily routine. I'm thinking it might be worth a shot. The only information I can find says that it "might" cause serotonin syndrome "in high doses". What the heck ever. That's sort of like there being a "mild risk" the last time I got Serotonin Syndrome. Three of the most trancendentally awful, fever-laden days I've ever spent confined to a single tiny bathroom. It was like dying, only less so. Interesting, but awful.


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