Monday, April 15, 2002

Heck of a weekend, I suppose. I am not completely satisfied with one thing, though: I was almost over my cold, and instead of taking it easy I missed some sleep and in general had too much fun for a sick person, so my cold, while it has not gotten any worse, is still here instead of going away like it would have. But that's nit-picky at most. I had a blast, thus confirming that I need to get out more often. Sucks that I crashed at seven last night, though. My apologies to Katherine - I will have to get your gift to you this weekend, I suppose, unless at some point this week I get bored enough to drive all the way up there and pretty much come right back. (If it weren't for the cold I probably would...I do get awfully bored kicking it around the apartment at times, but oh well.)


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