Thursday, March 14, 2002

That does it. First, one of the little Hanson bastards steals my name, then one of them actually has the sheer, unmitigated gall to steal my birthday, too! That's it, the Hanson boys die. Well....nah. They're Hanson, the poor kids have it rough enough as it is. Happy birthday to:
Frank Borman
Phil Phillips
Michael Caine
Wolfgang Petersen
Michael Martin Murphey
Walt Parazaider
Steve Kanaly
Billy Crystal
Jann Browne
Adrian Zmed
Prince Albert
Kevin Williamson
Megan Follows
Jake Fogelnest
Chris Klein
Kate Maberly
Quincy Jones
the late, funny-haired Albert Einstein
*sigh* - and the little Hanson bastard, too. (Apparently his name is Taylor. Good thing, if it had been the Isaac one, beserker killing frenzy would have gripped me.)


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