Friday, February 01, 2002

Those of you that aren't wine making geeks won't find this all that interesting, I find it informative and fascinating:
Bentonite is a Protein specific fining agent
that works by adzorption.
(Kinda like sticky tape removing lint from a suit)
Egg whites, Gelatin and Isinglass (a fish protein)
are for removing tannin.
tannins and protein bind together and form hazes
removing either one will remove the haze if it is caused by protein/tannin interaction.
If the haze is caused by either Pectin (most fruits) or Starch (possible with under-ripe Graped, Pears or Apples) neither an anti-protein
or an Anti-tannin fining agent will do you any good.
Papain (extracted from Papyas and the Active ingredient in meat tenderizer) is a protein destroying enzyme and may also work.
Amylayse Enzyme will break down starch
Pectinex or other propriatary pectin destroying enzyme will destroy pectin, but is FAR more effective before fermentation.
Poly-Clar is a tannin specific agent.


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